16 Fun Things for Adults To Do in Huron County

Everyone deserves to have fun every now and then - including us adults! That’s why we put together this list of 16 Fun Things for For Adults To Do in Huron County. Whether you’re just visiting us for a short vacation, or live here year-round - this list is sure to help you have tons of fun, no matter your interests!

Warning: this list may help you unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself! Keep reading for a good time! (P.S. this list is in no particular order)

1. Play Golf

Golfing allows you to remove yourself from your everyday worries and lets you relax in the great outdoors. There are many reasons why golfing can be fun, so get out there and enjoy it! Oh, and golfing isn’t just limited to the well-maintained courses and driving ranges- putt putt golf has been known to be a ball! Here’s where you can get your golf-on in Huron County:

Want to learn more about golfing in Huron County? Read more in our article on "Hitting the Links In Huron County."

2. Experience Art

"Walden" - Barn Art Mural by the Hygienic Dress League in Port Austin, MI.

"Walden" - Barn Art Mural by the Hygienic Dress League in Port Austin, MI.

Art is an experience in itself. It has no limits in creativity or form. Throughout the thumb you will find a wide array of art and artists. Port Austin has an up and coming art scene that is constantly evolving, so you will definitely want to make that a destination. You can read more about the art in Port Austin in our blog article Port Austin Art Centric.

For more artsy stuff:

You can also find more art in Huron County on our Art Trail List.

3. Visit a Museum

What better way to get out and explore while learning about our local history? Huron County is rich in history and thankfully we have a handful of museums and historical societies working together to preserve our past. You can find more information and a map of Huron County Museums, here. For a good time, check out one or all! 

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4. Take a Lighthouse Tour

Huron County is home to three lighthouses and one lifesaving station. The Harbor Beach Lighthouse provides numerous opportunities throughout the summer months to tour the lighthouse. Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse is also available for lighthouse tours during the summer months. To find out more, click the links below.

5. Go Bowling

Bowling is fun no matter what time of year! So why not get your friends together and have a ball at one of the many bowling alleys in Huron County. Check out this list for lanes near you!

6. Watch a Race

Motocross races at MPX Race Track in Sebewaing, MI.

Motocross races at MPX Race Track in Sebewaing, MI.

There is much fun to be had at the tracks in Huron County! Whether you are into drag or stock car racing or motocross there is a track for you to enjoy. Check out the links below to find out where and when to go.

7. Go Kayaking

Photo courtesy of Port Austin Kayak. 

Photo courtesy of Port Austin Kayak. 

Kayaking has been known to be a super fun way to enjoy the Great Lakes coastline and natural habitat. Grab a buddy or two and head on over to one of these places in Huron County to rent a kayak or standup paddle board.   

8. Go Canoeing

In addition to kayaking, canoeing can be just as fun! Check out Tip-A-Thumb Canoe to rent a canoe and explore the thumb’s Pinnebog River.

9. Go Fishing

For a relaxing day out on the water, or ice, why not go fishing? Fishing can be all sorts of fun and there are many places to choose from. Check out our "Fishing in Huron County" article to find out more.

10. Go Hiking

Fresh air, nature and a little bit of light exercise make hiking one of the most peaceful and fun things to do in Huron County. Here’s where you can go hiking in Huron County.

11. Go Horseback Riding

For adventure and fun, horseback riding in Huron County is a must! Try Knoblock Riding Stables outside of Port Austin. Giddy up!

12. Go to a Local Festival

There are many festivals that take place throughout Huron County. Many festivals take place during the summer months, but there are a handful of other festivals that take place in the off-season as well. For summer festivals check out our blog article Summer Festivals in Huron County. Check with local chambers of commerce for more information.

13. Drink Beer

The TapRoom at Bird Creek Farms in Port Austin, MI.

The TapRoom at Bird Creek Farms in Port Austin, MI.

Thirsty? Why not have a little fun and enjoy a beer! Whether it’s craft or domestic beer you’re looking for there are many places in Huron County to find yourself a brew - or two. Check out this list, and remember to drink responsibly!

Bad Axe 

Bay Port  



Harbor Beach 




Port Austin

Port Hope

Ruth & Ubly


14. Eat Out

Chances are you will find many delightful food options in the list above, but for even more check out our list for all dining in Huron County.

15. Drink Wine

You will find wine options at most of the places listed above a well, but for a wine tasting experience, why not try visiting a vineyard? Huron County features two locations for winery tours. Dizzy Daisy Winery & Vineyard specializes in fruit wines and offers some of those classic reds and whites as well. Vine-N-Berry has been around since 2011 but owner Chester has been perfecting his wines for 30 years prior to opening. All of the Vine-N-Berry wines are made from real fruits and aged to perfection, giving them a dangerously unique flavor!

16. Stargaze

Dark Sky Preservation located within Port Crescent State Park. 

Being located on the tip of a peninsula that's made up of mostly rural farm land makes Huron County an excellent destination for stargazing. Though a good view of the night sky can be found just about anywhere, there is a place in Huron County that is particularly special for stargazing. Port Crescent State Park is recognized as a Michigan Dark Sky Park. If you haven't heard about the Dark Sky initiative we encourage you to read our article Huron County Dark Sky Preservation

There's plenty of fun to be had in Huron County, what's your favorite activity?