What do you love about Huron County?

In July and September 2018, we asked our Facebook followers the following question. “What do you love about Huron County” There were many things people love about living, working and playing in Huron County. Below are the Top Ten responses from residents and visitors to Huron County.

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  1. Camping in Huron County - Camping in our State and County parks are especially popular. If you want to join in on this top activity in Huron County, view a list of our campgrounds.

  2. Lake Huron - The beaches, boats and freighters, our 93 miles of shoreline, and lakeshore communities. Enjoy Lake Huron at one of our beaches - click here.

  3. Our community - we wave and smile at people we pass; our community comes together in times of need, including neighbors that are eager to help one another; Huron County is a welcoming and caring community.

  4. Our Schools - Community supports our excellent school districts. Sporting events, band recitals, Christmas pageants, and plays provide constant activity. Huron County is heralded as a great place to live and raise a family. Click here for a list of our schools.

  5. Quaint Summer Festivals - our County is home to many festivals including: Maritime Days in Harbor Beach; Cheeseburger in Caseville; and Michigan Sugar Festival in Sebewaing. Come join one of our many events in the Thumb.

  6. Season Changes - Beautiful snowfalls, winter storms, summer rains, crisp night air, fall leaves and warm spring days. Huron County gets the best of all four seasons.

  7. Fields full of Crops - Huron County has a rich agricultural history, and today’s farmers tend to thousands of acres of Hay, Wheat, Corn, Sugar Beets, Beans and much more.

  8. Family - Who doesn’t love having families nearby for bonfires and BBQ’s during the summer season? Rent a cottage and spend a stay-cation here with your family.

  9. Business Support - Many of our businesses in Huron County support local organizations and causes — showing that living, working, and playing in our county often are combined!

  10. Wind Turbines - We have nearly ten wind parks in Huron County, and the towering turbines are a sight to see, especially for visitors!

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