Why Move Your Business to Huron County?

Business on the edge.

When businesses, large and small, are looking for a “place” to work from they take into consideration lots of things… labor markets, proximity to customers, and things like that. But I wanted to talk about some different things, maybe a little less tangible but absolutely crucial in today’s new economic environment.

Quality of life is one of the driving factors for those working in today’s creative economies. Freelancers, independent contractors, and those creative spirits who need to engage their creative muse should experience the joy of our area.

Quiet spaces where you can actually see the sky, breathe fresh air, and experience nature daily is crucial for creativity and stress reduction according to experts. Huron County, in the thumb of Michigan, has an abundance of all of that.

For the more practical, we have downtown's that have great space/s that can be adapted to many uses. With an incredible amount of fiber available in our communities, you can sell to the world online without the trauma of wading through congestion, traffic, and funk. If you are looking for a downtown location or housing in our area, this is a great place to start -  Real Estate Multi Listings.  You can afford space, housing is cheap if you know where to look and we have local Real Estate Agents that are here to help you too.  

On a more technical note to assist you with starting your business, visit your local Small Business Development Center or Small Business Administration, they will answer all your start-up and financing questions.

Why don’t you come and hang out with us this summer? Hit our beaches, sample our beer, watch the stars at Dark Sky, listen to the water call your name and realize you are home!