Rise of the Drones

One of the major tech advances in the last few years is the rapid improvement of drone technology. 

Port Austin Kayak launch site in Port Austin, MI

Drones are being used for many purposes including delivery of physical items, search and rescue operations, film making, crop inspections, and much more. Today we will focus on the benefits a drone can bring to a small business in Huron County.

Commercials & Advertising

Before the rise of the drone, a helicopter or airplane was needed for a sweeping, dramatic arial video shoot. Today, you can get that same footage for a small fraction of the price and increase the impact of your advertising. Most drones can fit into spaces that a helicopter cannot, further increasing the dramatic effects and "wow factor" in your video advertising.

If you’re a knowledgable film maker you might be interested in getting your own drone. If you’d rather not bother with the learning curve, upkeep, and licensing, there are experienced commercial drone pilots you can hire to do the work for you, right here in the Thumb!

Insurance & Inspection

Inspecting a storm-damaged roof

The rise of the drone is creating a whole new batch of inspection companies. Instead of hiring a team of people to climb to the top of water towers, windmills, and grain bins you can hire a drone pilot to inspect the top of these places for a fraction of the price in a fraction of the time. 

Insurance companies are also taking advantage of drone technology to inspect damage from a new perspective. It takes (literally) five minutes to inspect roof damage or fly over a town hit by a tornado. 

Agriculture & Crop Services

NDVI image of a field showing crop health

A huge benefit of drone technology in Huron County is for agriculture. Farmers can use specialized cameras to view crop health. They can monitor breaks in their tile runs. They can “virtually walk” their fields in a few minutes instead of hours. The data collection and time savings of having a drone on your farm make it almost a “no-brainer”. 

Again, if you’d rather not bother with the learning curve, upkeep, and licensing, there are commercial drone pilots you can hire to come to your farm and provide these services. See our local resources section at the end of this article. 

Rules & Regulations

As drones increase in popularity, regulations for drone pilots have started to form. As of August 29th, any commercial drone pilot will need to take a Small UAS Knowledge Test from the FAA. Learn more HERE.

We expect these rules & regulations to strengthen over time so please visit the FAA site for more current details. https://www.faa.gov/uas/

Local Resources

Business Soil is a small business tech & media company based in Huron County with several yeas of experience in digital media production. They have embraced the drone as a great new tool for advertising footage. 



Thumb Drone Works is a Thumb based company providing drone sales for commercial and agricultural uses. They have been in the field for several years with a heavy concentration on agricultural uses. They can help you pick the right drone and learn to fly it. They can also come to your farm or business to film for you.