Philanthropic Spotlight: Huron County Community Foundation

Written by Guest Blogger, Mackenzie Price, Huron County Community Foundation Executive Director


When I was preparing to move to Huron County to begin my work with the Huron County Community Foundation, I frequently wondered about what it would be like. The biggest question I had was “is this county open to the role philanthropy can play in their lives?” Within a week of calling Huron County home, I learned the answer to this question. Was this county open to philanthropy? Absolutely; They embraced serving others as a part of their daily lives.

The Huron County Community Foundation (HCCF) has the privilege of working closely with nonprofits in the area who are constantly impacting Huron County. From the Huron County Nature Center which provides residents access to trails and nature programs free of charge, to Huron County SafePlace which serves as a refuge for our most vulnerable residents, victims of domestic abuse, Huron County is full of organizations who care. 

Many of these organizations started as a person who sees a problem. Take Jill Rowland and the Loads of Love Laundry Project as one example of this grassroots approach to serving the community. During a special $500 mini-grant round of HCCF, Jill submitted an application for an innovative program that would provide assistance for Huron County families in need that have difficulty with the financial aspect of getting their laundry completed. Since that grant round in Spring of 2015, Loads of Love Laundry Project has become an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is actively expanding their impact.

Loads of Love Laundry Project

Loads of Love Laundry Project

Along with the nonprofits serving every sphere of life in Huron County, when addressing philanthropy, one cannot forget the service and membership organizations that play such a large role in the county. Whether it’s the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Oddfellows, the Knights of Columbus, the United Way, Woman’s Life Clubs, the Jr. Priscillas Club, the U&I Club, or any of the other organizations in Huron County, it’s evident that residents prioritize giving back to their community.

“Is this county open to the role philanthropy can play in their lives?” now seems like a silly question. The dedication of this county to philanthropy continues to amaze me on a daily basis. No matter your interests, there is a way for you to get involved in giving back to the community. Give me a call at HCCF and I’d be happy to share with you the many organizations making Huron County a great place to live, work, and play!

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