Business Spotlight: Huron County Hospitals

Huron County is home to three hospitals that employ over 1,000 people. While we know these hospitals specialize in excellent care and service to their patients, what is it like to be an employee of one of these unique medical facilities?

The Huron County Hospitals are conveniently located in Bad Axe, Pigeon, and Harbor Beach, to provide quality care to residents throughout the county. Each hospital offers a vast multitude of positions to help provide the best care possible to the area. 

Harbor Beach Community Hospital

Harbor Beach Community Hospital Staff Photo

Harbor Beach Hospital was founded in 1920 to serve the employees of Huron Milling Company and the surrounding community. A new hospital was built in 1963 to better serve the growing medical and healthcare needs of the community. Since then, Harbor Beach Community Hospital has continued to develop and expand its services and infrastructure. Today, the Harbor Beach Hospital is licensed as a Critical Access Hospital, and is proud to offer a full range of patient services - from laboratory and diagnostic imaging to inpatient care and surgical services. 

We spoke with Jean Ferriby of the Harbor Beach Community Hospital about her experience working with a community hospital for over nine years.

“I have been employed with the Harbor Beach Community Hospital for over nine years now and it is a great place to work and I enjoy what I do. This small hospital has a lot to offer the community in the thumb that a lot of larger hospitals offer. The hospital has excellent physicians covering our ER and Walk-in- Clinic because we know the community deserves the very best in medical care. I do the Marketing for the hospital and I keep hearing over and over how nice the people are that work at the hospital and they all treat you like family, we really strive to do a great job so people want to come back and use our hospital. I plan all the events for the Hospital and Foundation and I have met many wonderful people with my job and at the events, I think that is my favorite part of my job, meeting the wonderful people in the community and they are all so supportive of me and our hospital.” 

- Jean Ferriby, Marketing Director at Harbor Beach Community Hospital

Harbor Beach Community Hospital employs over 180 people. If you are interested in employment opportunities at the Harbor Beach Hospital, they encourage you to check out their website and Facebook page

Huron Medical Center

Huron Medical Center Overview Photo

The Huron Medical Center hospital was founded in 1906 as Hubbard Memorial Hospital by the late Frank W. Hubbard as a memorial to his father Langdon Hubbard, a pioneer of Huron County. Today, Huron Medical Center employs approximately 400 people. In addition to the hospital services they provide, Huron Medical Center is the only provider in the region to have a Birthing Unit, a Comprehensive Wound and Hyperbaric Center and a full-service Sleep Disorders Center.

We reached out to Rachel Voss, the Marketing and Foundation Director at Huron Medical Center, to learn more about what it's like to work at HMC. 

"Working in a community hospital like Huron Medical Center is very rewarding in that we are caring for members of our own small towns. In a rural community such as Huron County, we have the great advantage of establishing long-term relationships with our neighbors and family members. In a community hospital, it really is a case of “neighbors caring for neighbors." Working at Huron Medical Center is wonderful. It is a friendly, caring environment with very talented and hard- working people."

- Rachel Voss, Marketing and Foundation Director at Huron Medical Center

Huron Medical Center has some exciting career opportunities. The complete list is located on their website at Current opportunities include Registered Nurses, Nurse Externs (paid positions for student nurses), Laboratory Director, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants and Clinical Assistants.

Scheurer Health Care Network

Scheurer Hospital - Pigeon, MI

Scheurer Hospital officially opened its doors in 1945 on Michigan Avenue in downtown Pigeon. Dr. Clare A. Scheurer had been practicing in Pigeon since 1935 and a need was felt for a hospital within village limits. The two-story brick building was home to all medical services available until 1971, when the current location was built and opened in 1972. Over one million dollars were raised from the community to build a new hospital, located at 170 N. Caseville Road.

Since May 28, 1972, Scheurer has seen many changes, improvements and additions to its services and capabilities. With over 500 employees, five medical clinics, four pharmacies, a vision center, two in-school wellness centers, multiple rehabilitation facilities, long-term care, independent and assisted-living communities and all of the professional hospital care one can expect and deserves, the Scheurer Healthcare Network strives to provide the best quality care. 

"The Scheurer Healthcare Network is an amazing place to work. Smiling faces, friendly conversations and a helping hand are not only common, but the norm. An organization can achieve great success when working together and all moving in the same direction; Scheurer has achieved just that. Healthcare in a rural area, such as the Thumb, can be a challenging and unique task. At the same time, it can have an added bonus. The slogan of Scheurer Healthcare Network, "People You Trust, Caring For People You Love" is more than just a motto; Scheurer's employees take it to heart because that's what they stand for. When someone who is going through a rough time in their life because of their health, having a caring hand at your side can make a world of difference."

- Clark Ramsey, Marketing & Public Relations at Scheurer Healthcare Network

The entire organization of Scheurer Healthcare Network is always looking to expand to include more services and capabilities. There is always a constant need for more trained professionals to continue The Scheurer Guiding Values. All employment opportunities are located at