'Up North Down South' Event Happening this April


For nearly a decade, there’s been an event taking place annually in Port Austin that many Huron County natives weren’t even aware was happening. Detroit Up North is a three day event filled with activities intended to bridge the gap between Detroit’s growing creative community and the natural beauty of Huron County. Every year Detroiters travel to Port Austin and bring a bit of their own flare with them for all to enjoy, from bands and detroit spirits to local chefs and vendors at the Farmers Market. The visitors use the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Detroit while connecting with members of Huron County to relax and be inspired. 

In the last year Detroit Up North has expanded, and a new initiative has been developed with the help of a few Huron County locals. ‘Up North Down South’ is an effort to reverse Detroit Up North. In this event Huron County residents have a special opportunity to spend a somewhat curated weekend in Detroit. Participants will learn about the city’s growing entrepreneur and startup community while meeting some of the city’s movers and shakers. The event is intended to allow Huron County citizens to experience Detroit through the eyes of the locals, while the itinerary allows for plenty of individualized time to seek out your own enjoyment.  


The event is taking place April 20-22; tickets are available for either a 2-night Hotel Package or 2-night Hostel Package depending on your preference. Note that tickets are per person and must be purchased HERE beforehand; hotel space is limited and the hotel is unable to guarantee accommodations after April 1st. Transportation to and from Detroit is not provided, but transportation within the city is included with your ticket. The weekend itinerary is below:

-- FRIDAY --

  • 4 PM - TechTown: beer, popcorn, and a tour! **
  • 6:30-9:30 PM - BUILD Institute: Entrepreneur Mix & Mingle ** 
    • Food & drink, music, games, etc. are included. Learn about BUILD Institute's programs, meet some of the graduates, and enjoy some local cuisine and cocktails.


  • 9:30 AM - Yoga (location TBD)
  • 11 AM-2 PM - Visit Eastern Market on your own
  • 2:30 PM - Detroit City Distillery tour ** 
  • *shuttle from DCD --> Brew
  • 4 PM - Brew Detroit tour **
  • Dinner on your own (suggestions provided)
  • 9 PM - live music / entertainment (location TBA!)

**cocktails & food provided