Porch Fest, The Mini Music Festival

The Port Austin Porch festival is just over a month away and people are already buzzing about it. Porch Fest is a community music celebration that takes place on the front porches of homes throughout Port Austin. With over 20 bands and porches galore, this first time event is sure to have the community humming & strumming.

Modeled after the 2007 Ithaca, New York event and eventually taken up by over 40 communities the Port Austin Porch Fest will be offering free music highlighting a wide variety of musical genres all within easy walking distance from each and every porch.

The event is only a part of the continuing efforts by the community to highlight and showcase ART as a central part of the community and its future. And we mean art in every sense of the word. From the artistic cross walks, to artist inspired bike racks, to street art sculptures, (just remember Fifty Fish), the small waterfront community of Port Austin is always reinventing itself in new and surprising ways that draws on the unique and artistic. The large art installations of the Hygienic Dress League to the Emergency Ark by Scott Hocking the community is driven by art, large and small. If you would like to learn more about the Port Austin art scene, check out portaustinart.org

Music will fill the air, with artists so close you can talk with them. And I think that’s the point… this is artistry at its most personal, close and intimate and it’s in Port Austin, June 25th, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at a local porch near you!

For more information visit: www.portaustinmusic.com

Contact: Dennis Hafeli /  586.381.2020 or 989.738.8652.