Do You Know About Huron County History & Free Museum Weekend?

The thumb is rich in history, and there’s one weekend a year you can experience it all for free!

How much do you know about the history of Huron County? Did you know that the Great Fire of 1881 was the first disaster response call for the Red Cross and Clara Barton? If not, then perhaps you would like to learn more about our rich history.

Whether you live in Huron County, having just moved here or your family’s been here for generations, or you are only visiting us for a short time, there is great value in getting to know our past. The Huron County Historical Society (HCHS) and the many local organizations across the county have devoted a great amount of time and effort to the preservation and presentation of the history of Huron County for all of us.

From the very beginning, Huron County has had a great variety of history. Over the years various trades and industries existed here, including salt and grindstone mining, stone quarrying, commercial fishing, lumbering, and farming, and even ship-building to name a few. Some like stone quarrying, commercial fishing, and farming still exist here today. Beyond industry and trade, Huron County has been home to many great and notable individuals and events, like the Great Fire of 1881 and Frank Murphy, who once served as a Supreme Court Justice and Governor of Michigan.

In addition to information and artifacts surrounding historical industries, events, and people, the Huron County Historical Society, and local organizations, have worked to include the preservation and presentation of information and items surrounding the lifestyle and culture of our past. There is really no better way to experience all of the great history Huron County has to offer than by getting your foot in the door. This could mean visiting local historical locations throughout the thumb, or even joining a local historical society! They are always looking for volunteers to help in the preservation and presentation of our history.

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A great opportunity to experience Huron County history is by participating in the HCHS Free Museum Weekend going on the last weekend in September; Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th. Not only can you learn more about all the fun and interesting things we mentioned above for free, you can participate in games, watch special demonstrations, interact with history and listen to free music! This and more is all available to the public for free, and should be put on your list as a must-do-and-see-event in Huron County. Besides, there is no “now” without “then”, right? Why not take advantage of this awesome opportunity?

Below you will find even more resources and information about Huron County History and the Free Museum Weekend.