Spotlight on Harbor Beach: The Thumb’s Eastern Hub

Harbor Beach is the largest city on the Thumb’s sunrise side and the second largest city in Huron County. This small lakeside town is often recognized for its large harbor, lighthouse, and industry. There are many unique elements that make Harbor Beach the unique hub it is.

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Living In Huron County

Housing is an interesting topic in Huron County.  Today's topic was senior housing; there are two ways to take this - you can retire in the Thumb and live on the water, enjoy that cup of coffee or you can retire and live in one of our fine senior living establishments throughout the Thumb.  But housing concerns everyone - who doesn't want a great place to live?  I have lived here my whole life and still find great things to do here, and yes retiring will be one of them someday...

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Camping In the Thumb

Listen! Can you hear it?  The water lapping at the shores of Lake Huron, the roar of the campfire, and the kids squealing for more smores!  Huron County is home to 93 miles of shore line and along that route we have 13 campgrounds that are settled along the shore.  

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Talent Retention for 2015

A challenge of small and rural communities is being able to keep or bring back young people after they leave to further their education.  Recognizing that young people need job opportunities, housing options and other resources to transition back to the thumb area, our office is been working on this issue.

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Growing our Craft Agriculture

Michigan's Thumb is known for its soil and large agriculture industry. Adding local value to this 'green thumb' has long been an interest of  local economic developers.

With a local kitchen incubator in place, we are hoping to expand small business opportunities related to food production and packaging, craft beer, wine and more.  

Essentially any business related to local food and farm can help grown our craft agriculture successes.

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Placemaking Picks Up Steam

The new buzzword in economic development, "placemaking", is spinning off projects and plans in our local communities.  Placemaking is essentially creating spaces that people want to be in.

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