Village of Pigeon Highlight

A wonderful place to raise a family, settle down, or retire, the Village of Pigeon offers a unique experience for all ages. We invite you to get a glimpse of life in this small town as we pull back the curtain in this edition of Community Highlight.

Village of Pigeon - Downtown

What do you picture when you think of a small town? Perhaps you think of a rural and tight-knit community that’s rich in history, has one stop light, and a downtown that's laden with century-old businesses and buildings. There are far more small towns speckled across the nation then there are big cities so we’re sure it's not too difficult to draw up an image of one.

With this in mind, we’d like to share our highlight of the Village of Pigeon. Pigeon is a place that portrays that iconic image of an all-American small town, but peer just beneath the surface and you will find that there is a whirlwind of activity happening that keeps this small town ever-evolving.


“History is not everything, but it is a starting point… It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography.” John Henrik Clarke

From Indian trails to railroad tracks, and from paths beaten by horse-drawn carriages to the paved roads as we know them today, the Pigeon area is rich with history. During the mid-late 1800's settlers came in flocks (see what we did there) by following the Pigeon River, which had been named several decades earlier by surveyors who found wild pigeons, or passenger pigeons, were so numerous along the banks of the river that it was appropriately named the Pigeon River. Prior to this, the area was most visited by hunters and trappers. It wasn’t until the Saginaw and Huron County Railroad was established that a die was cast for a new village.

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The original railroad junction was located near the small village of Berne, but when the potential for growth in the Pigeon area became evident, settlers began to establish businesses and other ventures in the area such as banks, grain elevators, a grist mill, several churches, a first-class graded school, post office, two large hotels, a fine opera house, blacksmith shops, doctors, several grocery stores and more. Officially incorporated in 1903, the village of Pigeon has seen over a century of development.


The Village of Pigeon was a melting pot of settlers, with many immigrants settling here from Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and England which brought many ethnic backgrounds, religious convictions, and occupational skills to the area. Although their backgrounds were diverse, they helped each other- building log cabins, raising barns, harvesting crops, caring for sick neighbors and delivering babies. They were unusually happy and found many occasions to celebrate together. They navigated tragedies of fires, windstorms, epidemics, and other personal tragedies through devout hard work and resilience. Today, Pigeon is proud to possess some of these same qualities and continues to make progress as a village of people who stand together.

Would you like to learn more about the Village of Pigeon's rich history? Visit the Pigeon Historical Society online or visit them on Facebook.



Today, the Village of Pigeon is home to picturesque farms, bountiful fields, and the hard-working people that live here, making it a great place to live, play, and do business. 

With more than 1,200 residents, a very low crime rate, and first-class services, the Village of Pigeon offers a great life for those who chose to put down roots here. The area offers two fire departments, a police department, department of public works, chamber of commerce, district library, and ambulatory services just to name a few. 


Industry & Business

The Village of Pigeon is also a great place to work and do business. With more than 50 businesses the area employs over 1,000 people. Only a few minute drive from the lakeshore and the Village of Caseville (a popular vacation destination with its sugar-sand beaches) the area sees a number of cottage-dwellers and tourists as they come to shop, access the area's services, and do business throughout the year. 

Among those business the largest includes Scheurer Healthcare Network which comprises one of the Thumb's leading full-service hospitals which includes top-notch emergency services, family medicine, laboratory, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, pharmacy, Redi-Care clinic, rehabilitation services, surgical services, senior living, vision center, fitness centers and much more. 

Huron Castings is the leading producer of quality shell molded steel castings in the world, and has grown every year since it's inception in 1976. In addition to a strong health care and manufacturing base, the area is known for it's agricultural output, as well as information and technology services. Pigeon is home to the corporate office and original location of the Cooperative Elevator which was established in 1915 and is known as one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in eastern Michigan. The Cooperative Elevator provides high-quality supplies, seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products and more to area farmers in addition to excellent job opportunities. 

Another powerhouse contributing to the area's success and prosperity is Agri-Valley Communications. Agri-Valley Communications is comprised of Pigeon Telephone, Thumb Cellular, Agri-Valley Services, and AVS Tech Team. Agri-Valley Communications, AVCI for short, provides a great number of technology and information services to the thumb area and beyond! They're the leading force behind the enhancement and advancement of internet and communication services and connectivity in the area. 

Beyond these substantial companies, there are number of other businesses that serve the community. Each one contributes to the area's success and satisfaction of the residents and visitors that live, work and play there. We encourage you to do some research of your own as we think you will be surprised that such a small town provides so many great products and services!


Real Estate

Looking for a home or business? Pigeon has a number of excellent options to consider. The cost of housing here is well below the national average (50% lower than the national average) at an average of only $79,400. Click to view the current RMLS listings for Pigeon, Michigan



The Village of Pigeon is home to one public school; Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Schools, better known as Laker Schools, in addition to a nice little variety of parochial schools.

Laker Schools

Laker Schools provides top-notch education for grades DK-12, and has recently added another developmental kindergarten program (for children 5 years of age by December 1st) to it's vast and ever-evolving list of cutting edge classes, curriculum, programs, and facilities. This school has an incredible support system with a great deal of it coming from the surrounding communities, area businesses, staff, parents, and students.

Some features include:

Parochial Schools

It's nice to have options and with two well-established parochial schools you can choose the school that's the best fit your child. For more information click on the either of the schools below. 


Lifestyle & Interests

Pigeon is an excellent place to live, raise a family, and retire. With the low cost of living and housing, and homes to suit nearly any budget (big or small), financially the Pigeon area is a great investment. Not only does the area have a low volume of crime, you will often find neighbors and friends catching up and coming together to support one another. The pace here is more of a happy-medium. The Village of Pigeon has all the values and hospitality you'd desire in a small town yet strives to continue to create better conditions for everyone. 

Minutes from the lakeshore and countryside, residents enjoy hobbies like hunting, fishing, hiking, water-sports, cycling, arts and crafts, gardening and hobby-farming. Grow your own food and enjoy the fruits of you labor or shop at the weekly farmers market throughout the summer and fall for locally grown produce to enjoy. Many residents enjoy Pigeon Village Park which includes a 1K walking trail, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, playscape, pavilions and picnic tables. Throughout the summer months, enjoy free live music events at the Pigeon Band Shell. Visit Turner Art Studio & Gallery for art lessons and events happening all year-round. 


Community Assets

The Village of Pigeon has a great list of community assets for you to enjoy and benefit from. See below for more information. 

  • Farmers Market: Held every Friday May-October. The Farmers’ Market building holds 12 indoor spaces and outdoor vendors will be set up around the Pigeon Depot Museum and in the Pigeon Village parking lot. There is space for over 40 vendors who will provide you with an excellent market experience.

  • Historic Depot Museum: The depot is located behind the Village Hall and serves as the museum of the Pigeon Historical Society. It is open Thursday & Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 1:00pm during June, July, and August.

  • Pigeon Band Shell: The Pigeon Band Shell was designed to provide a forum for local talent and to provide a wide variety of entertainment for local residents and vacationers. You will find a variety of family-friendly music and events held here throughout the summer.

  • Pigeon District Library: library offers a wide variety of services for patrons, including Books By Mail, Computer Usage, Copy Services, Fax Services, Interloan Capability, Lamination Services, Resource Requests and Reservation, Services for the Visually Impaired, WiFi Access, space for meetings or social events and more.

  • Pigeon VFW Hall: The Pigeon VFW Hall has recently undergone many updates making it a premier location to host your next event! It can accommodate up to 400 guests and includes a stage, bar, meeting room, renovated bathrooms, and more.

  • Pigeon Village Park: 1K blacktop walking path, baseball diamonds, playscape, pavilions, picnic tables, and more for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Woelke Historical Research Center: Open all year! Research Local Businesses, Families, Schools, Churches and more. Pictures, Newspapers, Books and Internet Available.


Places to Shop






Pigeon Summerfest - Annual community festival in mid-late July that's free for everyone! Some activities include inflatables for kids, live music, comedy show, golf tournaments, town-wide garage sales, 5K, kids parade, games & activities, beauty pageant, grand parade, raffle, car & motorcycle show and more. 


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