Scholarships in Huron County

It’s no secret that college is an expensive investment, but it seems less known that there is a vast world of scholarships available for nearly every student looking to further their education. Scholarships are more than just financial assistance. Beyond the giver and the recipient, scholarships can create infinite possibilities and opportunities within our communities. Huron County has a strong network of schools, organizations, families, and individuals committed to our students and their goals for furthering their education.

Below, we’ve outlined the Huron County network of scholarship opportunities in hopes that more individuals will take advantage of these resources available in our community.

Huron County Community Foundation

  • The Huron County Community Foundation is a nonprofit, community driven corporation that exists to help donors make a positive impact in their communities. The HCCF offers a variety of tools to help people not only achieve their charitable goals, but also provide students and nonprofits a means to access those funds.

  • The HCCF has an extensive amount of scholarships available to students graduating from Huron County High Schools. In 2017 alone, the HCCF scholarship program awarded over $85,000 to local students continuing their education.

  • To find out which scholarships are being offered in 2018, check the HCCF website after October, 1st.

  • To learn more about starting a scholarship fund with the Huron County Community Foundation, head on over to the Scholarship Fund page on their website.

Huron Intermediate School District

  • The Huron County Intermediate School District has partnered with our local schools and Mid Michigan Community College to offer dual enrollment courses to high school students. This gives students the opportunity to pay nothing out of pocket, if they choose to participate in the cohort classes offered at the Huron Area Tech Center. The local school and the HISD cover the cost of tuition and fees and Mid Michigan Community College provides use of the books. Students are able to earn up to 18 credits the first year and 21 credits their second year. Like a scholarship, students can receive college credits at no cost, yet also have the opportunity to get a jump start on their general education requirements.

Jean M.R. Smith Foundation 

Jean MR Smith Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2017-18 Academic Year

Jean MR Smith Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2017-18 Academic Year

  • The Jean M. R. Smith Foundation was established in 1996 by Jean Smith, a former Huron County resident, for the primary purpose of granting four-year college scholarships to Huron County high school seniors who are seeking to obtain an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Students must reside in Huron County, graduate from a Huron County high school, and intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in order to be considered. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded over $2.2 million in scholarships to 184 high school seniors.

Service Organizations

  • Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, 4H and other service organizations throughout Huron County offer their own scholarships for post-secondary educational opportunities. We recommend looking into the service organizations in your community to learn more about scholarship opportunities. You can learn more about the different types of civic organizations in Huron County, here.

    • Rotary Clubs

    • Lions Clubs

    • Kiwanis

    • Knights of Columbus

    • 4-H

Local Schools

  • The Ubly High School website offers an alphabetized list of scholarships. Get in contact with the guidance counselor at your school or contact their office for more information.

  • Harbor Beach Community School maintains a Facebook Page, HBCS College Connection, with a wealth of information on scholarships in and outside the county as well as events for students and parents on topics like financial aid and choosing the right college.

  • Another area where scholarship opportunities can be found is through the FFA. Details about these scholarships can be found by contacting the school or looking online, here.  


  • Many companies with locations in Huron County understand the importance of supporting local students’ quest for further knowledge. Michigan Sugar, Cooperative Elevator, Northstar Cooperative, Gemini Group, Monsanto, Land Improvement Contractors, Huron Castings, Greenstone, and DOW AgroSciences are all companies that offer scholarship opportunities.  I'm sure we are missing some, if you know of any let us know.


With school coming into session in a few weeks, it’s time to start thinking about education and if you’re a high school student, planning for the future. We hope this list of organizations and scholarship opportunities will help you get started planning for your future educational endeavors.