New Business Highlight - Threaded Edge Boutique

There are all types of businesses out there, but we think this is one of the unique ones. Threaded Edge Boutique is all online sales, and we did a short interview with the owner, Stephanie Steinman. You can check out her online business here.


1.     Tell us about your business?  

 Threaded Edge Boutique is an online women’s clothing store that offers a wide range of apparel to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. We provide high quality clothes, the majority of which are produced or finished in the USA. Threaded Edge’s goal is to make women feel confident because so many of us find it hard to be comfortable in our own skin. We TRULY believe at Threaded Edge that clothing can influence a woman’s confidence. We want to empower women and provide them with a clothing line that fits their lifestyle.

steiman interview.jpg

 2.     Where do your ideas come from?
I get inspiration from everything around me. It could be the smallest thing, like a quote in a book or an outfit on TV show. I’m always looking for things that “wow” me!

 3.     What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

 There is an endless list of reasons that make owning my own business great! I love having full control of my destiny and not having anyone get in the way of my vision. I also love the feeling of reaching a goal and knowing that I worked extremely hard to get to that point. Plus, being able to say, “This is my company,” is an amazing feeling.

 4.     Your business is unique because it all web based, do you ever have a plan for opening retail?

 I would love to open a retail store one day. Currently, my husband is building me my own office, so we are busy with that. We will see what the future has in store for us, a year ago I never would have dreamt I would be doing what I am today.

 5.  Any advice for new businesses?

 I will be honest; it is hard to run your own business. You need to be dedicated. It’s not a 9-5 and done. It is literally 65-70 hours a week of nonstop working. When you’re physically done working, you’re still thinking of ways to make your business better, different ways to meet the needs of your customers and always keeping up with the latest trends. The happiness comes from having your own schedule and no one to push you but yourself. If you have the right mindset and stay determined, great things will happen to you and your business. I truly believe becoming a successful business owner is more about your mentality and perseverance than anything else.