HCCF Organizes Young Professional Network

I'm Mackenzie Price, the Executive Director of the Huron County Community Foundation (HCCF). As I entered the "professional world", I quickly noticed the value of peer-learning and networking. After many discussions with chambers of commerce, area businesses, and, of course, the Economic Development Corporation, HCCF decided it was time to bring a YPN to our county.

Who's It For?

The YPN is for those under 40 who are interested in expanding opportunities in our county. Some of the fields represented at the first event included:

  • non-profits
  • banking
  • investments
  • event planning
  • agriculture
  • medical
  • insurance
  • accounting
  • manufacturing
  • information technology


We've heard many "why" questions since starting YPN. Why is it important? Why does Huron County need this? Why should I get involved?

Let's start with the importance of YPN, particularly in Huron County. Businesses and young professionals across the area wanted to start a YPN to break down barriers. Location, employer, and career field are a few of the ways that Huron County's young professionals have remained segmented. Through the YPN, we can begin to explore opportunities across the county, across fields, and across businesses. Coming together as a whole gives young professionals a voice that, historically, has been unheard.

This group will help new hires assimilate to the area (a huge selling point for businesses when recruiting!). This group will reconnect old classmates who started their careers elsewhere and are returning to further their career in Huron County. This group will provide all young professionals with a sounding board for ideas. This group will be the "go to" for young professional opinions in the county.

If that last paragraph didn't sell you on the endless potential of the Huron County YPN, I'll spend more time answering the important "why should I get involved" question.

"Man is by nature a social animal" - Aristotle

At the YPN social hour earlier this month, business cards were exchanged, resumes handed out, and networks widened. As young professionals, our networks are one of our largest assets and most marketable characteristics.

Get Involved!

Add your name to the mailing list by clicking here and stay up to date on our upcoming events. There's no dues, no weekly meetings, and no paperwork, just young professionals sharing our talents to improve our county. Hope to see you at our next gathering in March!