CMU In the Thumb

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Not many people know that Huron County is hosting the future of medicine in the middle of our communities. The next generation of doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other medical professionals are living and working in communities across the Thumb.

As part of its mission, Central Michigan University’s Medical School, is focused on placing individuals that are near graduation, into our rural communities, trying to get them acquainted with rural life.  It sounds simple, but there are a lot of little quirks that make these placements pretty hard. First, hospitals and individual doctors have to agree to “host” the students. This mentoring relationship is sometimes hard to find since these medical professionals have their hands full trying to keep us all healthy!

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The second thing that complicates things is housing for these senior level medical students. You might say, there is housing everywhere, just look around. But the students rotate in and out in six month increments so trying to find nice, decent housing for a six month lease is really hard. Most landlords would like to have a year long lease, and by the way these are “college students”. Well, yes they are college students that are nearing completion of their medical school so they are not like the college freshmen that we all fondly remember. They have to take classes and work in a hospital and see patients..

The other thing we have come to appreciate is downtown housing. It comes with quick access to lots of things to do, fast travel time to the hospital if needed and puts these young professions into hearts of our communities.  

While all of this seems like “why are we doing all of this for these college kids” it is a long range strategy for attracting to our rural communities, young, smart professionals that will make sure we have professionals in our towns and cities. We have all asked ourselves, how do we attract young people to Huron County? This is one way that we can do it