Deer Hunting in Huron County

Deer hunting is almost in full swing and men and women everywhere are consumed by thoughts of hunting and filling the freezer. Luckily, Huron County has many unique opportunities for deer hunting.

Photo: Dave Kenyon, Special to the Free Press

Photo: Dave Kenyon, Special to the Free Press

Perhaps the most widely known and celebrated type of hunting, deer hunting, is about to hit its peak. As the rut begins, big bucks more readily make their appearances. Nailing a "trophy" buck whether it be by bow or bullet, is a desire shared among many hunters. For others, any doe or buck will do, as the thought of a full freezer and happy belly outweighs that of a trophy buck.

Whatever the goal, Huron County has a deer hunting opportunity for you to try your hand. If you should not be so lucky as to already own or rent private property to hunt here in Huron County, there are miles of State land available for you to access throughout the county. To find out where you can hunt check out this map of land open to public hunting in Huron County from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. You can also download the Mi-Hunt App on your tablet or mobile device to find public hunting land anywhere in the state of Michigan. For those considering a more permanent option, there are many rural real estate properties on the market for you to choose from. Click the link to see our Huron County real estate directory.

So now that you’re fired up and found a place to hunt, now what will you do? Have you all the proper equipment? Have you made your reservations for lodging? There are many places for you to stock up on hunting supplies and rest from a long day's hunt here in Huron County. Here are a few to get you started:

Hunting Supplies & Blinds

One Man Gun Blind - Lucky's Hunting Blinds

One Man Gun Blind - Lucky's Hunting Blinds

Lodging for Hunters

After Hunting

Should you nail your “trophy” buck and want to show it off, there are buck poles going on throughout the county. You can also check out how other hunters have fared in Huron County and add your own buck photo online at You can also check out the Big Game Trophy Archive on

Area Buck Poles

  • Nature’s Finest Taxidermy Buck Pole | Minden City
    • November 15th and 16th
    • 1938 Main Street, Minden City
    • Prizes and more

Deer Processing


Other Resources

Happy deer hunting from all of us at the Huron County EDC!

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