Business Soup?

Consider the old folk story of 'Stone Soup'. A traveler with no food, was turned away by the local villagers. Dropping a stone into a pot of boiling water, curious residents methodically began adding a carrot here, some salt there, etc. Eventually there was a tasty soup to be enjoyed by the all of the villagers. So, how about some Huron County Business Soup?

Candy, beer, 3D printing, kayak outfitter, restaurant, art jewelry, fitness walking trails, sugar beets and hops farming or any of a thousand ideas can build our Business Soup.  Every individual, business, entrepreneurial idea, community placemaking project, civic organization and more adds a 'stone' to the rich mix that makes up Huron County, Michigan's growth and prosperity.  Maybe you are thinking of starting or expanding a business:   Here is your recipe:

Bring your 'stone'  to Huron County
Drop it into our Business Soup pot
Stir, simmer and fine tune
Wa-la - Huron County Business Soup

Seriously, home to Michigan's first gigabyte community (Sebewaing), a state top ten farmers market (Port Austin), two recent Michigan top 5% "Rewards" schools (Harbor Beach & Owen-Gage), six Lake Huron shoreline communities, Huron County can be a great home for your business. Local economic development has its base in agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. Join us in making a great batch of Business Soup!



Start Up Business Assistance

Michigan is committed to your business success. From operating guidance to capital funding to technology assistance, the resources below can help your business start-up become more than just an idea waiting to happen.


Michigan has reinvented the incentive process. Instead of offering tax credits that may provide future savings based on jobs and investment targets, MEDC has programs that provide immediate benefit. Couple these innovative programs with a low 6% Corporate Income Tax and the proposed elimination of the Personal Property Tax, Michigan offersone of the best pro-business environments in the country.

I-69 Regional Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is used to promote and enhance economic development inf the I-69 region.  The RLF can be structured to assist with the expansion of an existing business or for a business locating in the region.  The national objective to be achieved for this fund is the creation of job opportunities for low and moderate income individuals in the region.

Talent Search

With a labor market of 15,666 people in 2014, let's find a match for your business needs. While currently there is no one-stop website or service for reaching out to the employee talent pool, here are several that we have found that local employers do use.


Find a Location for Your Business
Plus Demographic Mapping ResearchTools

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation manages a commercial and industrial real estate database. While it is not yet a complete listing of all local properties available, several properties are listed. In addition, a GIS (geographic information system) component has some powerful mapping tools. Demographic data, consumer spending and labor force location are just a few mappable datasets. 

Local real estate companies also offer listings for commercial and industrial properties.  

Commercial Kitchen Rental 

So you have this idea, but wonder if you can turn it into a business venture. If it involves food, you just may have come to the right place. The Food Works at HATC was originated to help food-based entrepreneurs bring their product to market. The Food Works is a regional kitchen incubator and is here to support your food based business in Michigan.  We can provide the tools to go from concept to small scale production and beyond.