Spotlight on Harbor Beach: The Thumb’s Eastern Hub

Harbor Beach is the largest city on the Thumb’s sunrise side and the second largest city in Huron County. This small lakeside town is often recognized for its large harbor, lighthouse, and industry. There are many elements that make Harbor Beach the unique hub it is.

Here you will find a comfortable balance of small town living and active business and industry. With access to many necessities, the small town has one public and two private school systems and a local hospital and pharmacy. There are three grocery/convenience stores among a myriad of other small shops, service businesses, and restaurants. Access to all these necessities and amenities is a great benefit to the surrounding rural area and is a nice compliment to the natural environment in which it exists.

In the early eighteen hundreds, the land that would become Harbor Beach was an untouched dense timber forest that hugged a sandy rock laden coast. In time, settlers arrived and established a sawmill for processing lumber to feed the building boom in the developing cities of the midwest. As industry began to progress in the area, a flour mill, later known as Huron Milling Company, was established. A lighthouse, Harbor of Refuge, and Coast Guard were also added to serve the growing needs of ships navigating Lake Huron.

Over the course of time, Harbor Beach has made great strides to provide value to its community and visitors. With active industry and business you will find many opportunities for work; whether that’s working from home, for a well-established company, or owning your own business. For visitors and residents alike, the area offers many opportunities to enjoy the water and outdoor recreation. From camping to fishing, kayaking and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take a tour of the historical lighthouse or take a short kayak trip to visit a nearby shipwreck. For more ideas, check out the lists below. 

Employment Opportunities in Harbor Beach:

There are a number of employment opportunities in Harbor Beach. With two large manufacturing facilities, a handful of smaller manufacturers, a wide array of small businesses, and a number of commercial properties available, there is something for you!

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Real Estate in Harbor Beach: 

Want to learn more about making Harbor Beach your home? You will find that properties in Harbor Beach are not only charming but also quite affordable!

Attractions in Harbor Beach: 

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Events in Harbor Beach:

One summer activity you won’t want to miss is the Harbor Beach Maritime Festival from July, 6th-9th. For more activities in Harbor Beach, check out the full brochure, here.