Living In Huron County

Submitted by Carl J. Osentoski - Huron County Economic Development Corp.

Today's post was supposed to be about real estate and senior housing. But I think housing is for everyone, not a certain age group, demographic segment or anything else. People need places to stay and in Huron County, we have a wide variety of housing types and styles that will suit almost everyone.

I have read articles that talk about the healthy benefits of living on or at least near the water and we have an abundance of waterfront. Our communities are small and walkable, so that you have a chance to meet your neighbor while conserving gas for your car. You can bike or walk to work in most cases. Young or old it is good to get fresh air and exercise

While we often hear, "there is nothing to do" that only shows a lack of imagination. I was working in the yard over the weekend and had a friend stop by to talk about how they discussed their options of what to do on a Sunday afternoon, watch TV, or go see a live stage play in town on a Sunday, February afternoon. That's right a FEBRUARY afternoon!  And it’s not the only play/live theater in the county.

So I could talk about the senior housing developments scattered in many of our communities and all of their amenities, but I thought I would talk about how you can be active and alive in our villages and cities.

Engaged, neighborly, active, artistic, poetic, playing in the sand, watching the snow fly...and enjoying life.