Ghost Towns

We have found a few interesting Ghost Towns in Huron County, Michigan. Here is a list that we found in our research. If we are missing any please let us know we will add them to our list. Happy hunting!

Bach - Sebewaing Township

  • Located at Bach & Bay Port Rd.

  • First Post Office was in 1886-1889

  • Church constructed in 1912

Famous Jewish Colony

  • Located 5 miles Northwest of Bad Axe

  • Only had two survivors

  • 72 members, colony lasted 20 years and was founded in the late 1890’s

Glencoe - Dwight Township

  • Located approximately 8 miles West of Port Hope

  • Post Office from 1901-1914


  • Located about 11 miles Southwest of Bad Axe

  • Once a lumber town, previously a large Indian camp

  • Has writing on rocks near Cass River now known as the Sanilac Petrolglyphs


  • Originally called Thompson’s Corner by Francis Thompson, who settled there in 1861, he was the first postmaster in 1873

  • Post office shut down in 1904

  • Named after a town in Ireland, meaning “river overflows”

Linkville - Winsor Township

  • Located on Kilmanagh Rd. between Caseville and Notter Rd.

  • Cemetery on Stein Rd.

New River

  • Located 8 miles from Port Austin

  • First Sawmill built in 1853, failed in 1865

  • Grist mIll built in 1856

  • Sturgeons were caught in the creek there

  • In 1870 two salt wells were built, shipped to Detroit, Toledo and St. Louis, discontinued in 1886 from cost

  • Cemetery remains there today

Ora Labora Colony

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

  • Located near Bay Port

  • Settlement was from 1847 - 1865

  • Emil Baur was the leader of this religious socialistic experiment, there were 288 signers of this society

  • Ora Labora means work and pray, these colonists did both but war caused them to fail.

Pinnepog (2 towns) with the same name - 5 miles apart

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Courtesy of

  • When these two towns decided they wanted post offices, they had to switch names so one became Port Crescent and the other Pinnebog.

  • So let’s talk about Port Crescent first!

    • Located where the Port Crescent State Park is now

    • Port Crescent closed in 1936 when the last business closed

    • It had two sawmills, a grist mill, and fisheries

  • Pinnebog - located at the junction of W. Kinde Rd. and N. Pinnebog Rd.

    • Walter Hume settled there in 1841 he built a hotel and trading post

    • Among the buildings that were there: Blacksmith shop, cheese factory, church, dry goods store, farm equipment store, flour mill, grocery store, hardwarde store, and school house

    • Today the town has a few of the buildings left but almost all have been tore down

White Rock Village

  • Near Huron and Sanilac County Lines

  • Settled in 1836

  • Formerly Rock Township, was annexed to Sherman Township in 1893