Activities for Youth in Huron County

School provides our kids with an excellent environment to learn and grow, but young minds can also benefit from opportunities outside of school.

There are many alternative opportunities for youth to partake in in Huron County. Whether it be to learn something new, follow a passion, or just have fun, there is an alternative activity for your kids to enjoy in Huron County.

Here are a few opportunities to get you started!


AAU Sports

AAU stands for the “Amateur Athletic Union”. It is a multi-sport organization that is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs for youth.The AAU provides a great number of opportunities for youth who are interested in honing their athletic ability. To learn more about AAU sports programs in Huron County, you can contact Keith Hatfield at


Did you know that over 100 Olympians in the Rio 2016 Olympics were AAU Alumni?


AYSO is the American Youth Soccer Organization and MSYSA is short for Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. Both provide a way for kids to participate in soccer programs and have fun outside of school. AYSO has programs for kids starting at three years of age, and MSYSA programs are available for ages 4 and up. Getting your child involved in out-of-school soccer programs are an excellent way to get kids ready for playing other sports in the future. To learn more about AYSO and MSYSA soccer programs in Huron County check out the list below.


Did you know that 39 AYSO Alumni participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Huron County Hockey Association

Huron County Hockey Association

The Huron County Hockey Association provides some of the coolest activities for kids and adults. Children six years of age and up, as well as adults, can enjoy the fast-paced and exciting sport of hockey by registering for an age specific program with the Huron County Hockey Association. To learn more visit their website or Facebook page for more information. You can also call Larry Camp at (989) 550-1967.

Little League & Girls Softball

Little League

There is nothing better in the springtime than baseball and softball! Kids can enjoy a variety of programs for different ages including, t-ball, little league baseball, and little league softball. To learn more about these activities near your area, check the list below.

Youth Football 

Just as there's a time and place for baseball, there's a special time in fall for football! Get your child involved in one of these local youth football programs!

  • Harbor Beach Flag Football
  • Youth Full Contact Football - Ubly
    • There are two teams that consist of one rd & 4th grade team and one 5th & 6th grade team. It is not affiliated with the school, so any kid from any school district can join the team. The two teams will play 5-7 real play games during the end of summer and into fall. The first practice started 8/22/16. The first game is usually the first Sunday of the first week of school.
    • Adam Russell

Performance Arts


Beyond sports, there are many other alternative activities for your child to chose from - like dance! Dance, etc, etc. are a great way to fun out of the classroom.

Step It Up Dance Studio
  • Step It Up Dance Studio
    • Krissi Sears
  • Anita DeCourval School of Dance
    • Anita DeCourval


Port Austin Community Players

Many schools in the county put on plays during the school year, but what about out of school? The Port Austin Community Players is always looking for children actors to complete their productions. To get your child involved with the Port Austin Community Players, check out the information below!

Activities & Clubs

4-H Clubs

4-H in Huron County

4-H clubs provides wonderful opportunities for kids to learn skills they can use throughout their lives. Kids learn by performing hands-on activities and projects in areas like health, science, agriculture, and citizenship, in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors. There are approximately 35 4-H clubs located throughout Huron County.

To find out more about where you can find a 4-H club in Huron County visit the MSU Extension website or email Cathryne Goulet at

Boy & Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts

In Boy & Girl Scouts, youth learn through experience. It also fosters self-esteem, a sense of value and belonging, a sense of accountability, and teamwork. Here is some troop and contact information to find out more. 

  • Harbor Beach Cub Scouts
    • Boys in 1st through 5th grade are welcome to join. Cub Scouts runs all year long technically, but most of the requirements (called achievements) are during the school year. The club meets 3-4x monthly, usually in the "scout room" at the Harbor Beach Community House. Each grade level is a separate "den" and have their own leader. All of the dens (tigers, wolves, bears, and Webelos) make up our "pack".
      • Michele Kabban is the "Cubmaster" and is happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call her at (989) 550-4034. 
    • There are quite a few other Cub Scout groups in Huron County. Mike Herrington is the "unit leader" for the Thumb area. Mike's job is to recruit new Scouts and make new Scout groups in the area, so he would be a good contact if you need any more information. 
Girl Scouts
  • Harbor Beach Girl Scouts
    • Meets Monday’s in the Scout Room at the Harbor Beach Community House from 5-6 p.m. October through May. Girls in Kindergarten through High School are welcome!
    • Jodi Reimann, Leader
    • 989-315-4485

Equestrian Club / Riding Clubs

Indian Trails Riding Club
  • Indian Trails Riding Club
    • 175 Crown Road, Filion, MI 48432 - west of M-53 1/4 mile. 

  • Proud Equestrian Program
    • The Proud Equestrian Program (PEP) is a therapeutic horseback riding program that offers riding lessons to youth with special needs. PEP is held during the summer at the Huron Expo Center (fairgrounds) in Bad Axe on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. until the end of August. 
    • For more information contact the MSU Extension Office at 989-269-9949.

Did we miss something?

Do you know of another alternative activity for youth to participate in in Huron County? Perhaps, we are missing contact information or details for an activity you are aware of. Email us!