All Fun Stuff

 From antiques and art trails to lighthouses, golf courses and much more...


Treasures are waiting, so check this list and hit the road. 

Art Trail

We have the talent, so get on the trail to find that one-of-a-kind piece of pottery, painting, photograph, and more. 

Farm Markets

Weekends are meant for adventuring at our local farm markets. With Port Austin voted a Top Ten Farm Market in Michigan, Harbor Beach and Pigeon Farmers Market your sure to find local, fresh produce and so much more.  Also stop in and get some local produce from some of our vegetable/gardens stands.


Huron County offers six golf course for you to hit the links at, four 18 hole courses plus two 9 hole courses.  So bring your clubs and enjoy our golf courses!

Mini Golf

The whole family will enjoy our 4 mini golf courses. They are located in Caseville and Port Austin.  So pick up that putter and have a great time!


Standing tall against the shores of Lake Huron, three lighthouses offer a glimpse of maritime life of yesteryear. Harbor Beach Lighthouse is now open for summer tours, Point aux Barques Light in Port Hope is home to a unique maritime museum, while the Port Austin Reef Light stands as a sentinal offshore. 

Museums & Historic Sites

Huron City Museum shows a glimpse of 19th century living, maritime and the lumbering industry. Frank Murphy Museum is the boyhood home of our former governor. The Port Hope Chimney stands as a beacon and survivor of the Great Fire of 1881. Browse through these and more.

Music & Theater

New release movies are featured in historic downtown locations around the county. Two local community theater groups offer live theater productions throughout the year. Explore these and more.

Recreation - Indoor

Some indoor entertainment for the rainy days, cold days, or just because days.

Recreation - Outdoor

If you haven't seen it on our FUN STUFF list above, check out these hot spots for some more fun in the sun.